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...oh i don't have one!

My cat Mischief

My Favourite Films
Coma Soylent Green Falling Down The Andromeda Strain Spirited Away Cool Hand Luke 8MM Secretary Ghost World The King of Comedy Oldboy Arlington Road Fight Club City of God The Conversation Westworld Unforgiven To Live and Die in L.A. Grizzly Man Vertigo Princess Mononoke Life is Beautiful The Animatrix A Simple Plan Kick Ass Garden State The Matrix Argo


My Favourite Books: 
Fight Club, Choke, Survivor, Lullaby - all by Chuck Palahniuk
Ghost World, Ice Haven, 20th Century Eightball, Wilson - all by Daniel Clowes
Trigger Happy by Steven Poole
Second Lives by Tim Guest

My Favourite Music:
Aaliyah, City High, TLC, Mya, Eve, Kelis, Missy Elliott, Tweet

My cat Blacky

My cat Bobby

My cat Fluffy

My Favourite Video games

  • Deus Ex, Deus Ex: Human Revolution

  • System Shock 2

  • Panzer Dragoon Saga

  • Final Fantasy VII

  • Team Fortress Classic

  • Bomberman

  • Broken Sword series

  • Gregory Horror Show

  • Beyond Good and Evil

  • Super Mario Kart, Zelda series

  • Super Mario series

  • Portal series

  • Uncharted series

  • and... Half-life 2

Favourite TV Shows:
The Simpsons 


My favourite websites
Videogames websites:
Game Central
Edge Online
Game FAQs
How long does it take to beat a certain videogame?
Film and TV websites:

Top 250 films: 
(I've seen all of the Top 250!)
Language Translation website:


Free PC Security Software and Websites
Anti-virus software:

For Windows 7:
Microsoft Security Essentials

For Windows 10 (normally already installed with Win 10):
Windows Defender

Free Anti-virus programs and free updates (For Windows XP and Vista):

AVG Free Edition

Free Firewall for Windows XP:
Anti-spyware/malware software: 
Malwarebytes Anti-malware
other anti-virus useful tools (for experienced computer users):
HijackThis log analyzer
Block Ads in Firefox:
Search for:
"Adblock Plus"

Firefox Add-ons:
Search for:
"NoScript" (Block Ads and scripts, for experienced users)

Secure - Free alternative Internet Browser: 
Scan a website to see if it is infected with a virus:
See how secure your passwords really are:


Tablets and Mobiles apps from Google PlayStore (All free):
Track your mobile and tablet if they are lost or stolen:
(You can track 3 devices for free).


PC related (all free!)
Free alternative Internet Browser: 
Alternative free office program:
Open Office
PC Technical Support:
PC Forums
Useful websites:
Test the speed of your broadband:
Check what broadband services you can get:
Download programs: (advice on use the direct download link to download programs so you don't get malware)

Check if you can run a game on your PC:

Alternative free music player program for your pc:
Media Monkey
Free Alternative Photoshop program:

Free DVD player and media player software:

VLC media player

Undelete deleted files!: Recuva Burn DVDs/CDs/Blu Ray: CD Burner XP Free FTP program: FileZilla (for uploading web pages) Firefox Add-ons:
Search for:
"Adblock Plus" (Block Ads)
"British English Dictionary" (Spell checker) 
"eBay Sidebar for Firefox"
"NoScript" (Block Ads and scripts, for experienced users)
Edit your photos: Google Picasa (Please Google it as Google has discontinued Picasa) Scan your pc to see what memory it can take:

Spring clean your pc:


Make Windows 8 like Windows 7:
Classic Shell
Add MP4 compatibility to any version of Windows: 
Check what hardware you have installed in your desktop or laptop PC:

Adobe Reader for PDF documents: Backup and Sync program (Be careful not to click on the adverts): FreeFileSync


Useful websites
Currency Converter
Bing Maps
Store photos online for free: Get your photos developed online: PhotoBox

Print address labels in Word with the Avery Software or download label templates from the website: Avery

Convert a document into a Adobe PDF File!: Click here


Cool Hardware
Bye Bye Standby - Turn off electronics that are on Standby with a remote    


Free Apps for Android (Search for the apps on Google Play Store) (Some maybe on Apple Store too)  
AVG - Free anti virus for your mobile or tablet and the option to track your device if it is stolen or lost.

Prey Anti Theft - Track your device if it is stolen or lost.

Barcode Scanner (by ZXing Team) - a scanner to scan QR codes. 

Firefox - Firefox internet browser on your mobile or tablet.

TuneIn Radio - Listen to most local, national and international radio stations.

Currency Converter (by Pocketools) - Self explanatory.

Malwarebytes - Free anti-virus and anti malware app.

IMDB - The app for the Internet Movie Database website.

Nova Launcher (by TeslaCoil Software) - Customise your android phone.

Speedtest (by Ookla) - Test your internet speed.

WiFiAnalyzer (by VREM Software Development) - for experienced users, check what channel your home Wi-Fi is on and your neighbours so you don't clash.


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